Who is that sweaty gal?

In almost two months here at my new digs there have been two search terms creating far greater traffic than any others. Early on many searching for famous theories found themselves at my page of the same name. I felt quite useful as the page does contain an actual list of famous theories, courtesy of Wikipedia (note that my page is two results ahead of Wikipedia's).

The other search term has no doubt left those ending up here rather frustrated. In post about CBS Sportsline's free streaming video coverage of March Madness I made an innocent mention of the When She's Hot girl from the omnipresent Old Spice commercial (pictured above). I stated that information on the girl playing the smelly dancer (hey, she needs Old Spice as much as the next guy or girl) in the ads seemed difficult to come by; apparently many are equally at a loss for information, invariably ending up here when searching for the name Callie Cameron Garrison.

To make matters worse it seems that even the identity of the actress is in question. As many as seem to think her name is Callie Garrison also think she is Taylor Cole, whose credits thusfar include such character names as Erika, Brandi, Kaitlan and Bianca (what, no Bambi?). I find it odd that in the accelerated world of the internets, more concrete information about an attractive actress - featured in an ad that's at least a year old - hasn't appeared.

One comment I read mentioned that the August 2005 issue of Stuff Magazine featured Callie Garrison and made mention of the Old Spice ad. I'm not much for the softcore mags so I can't dig up a back issue to verify. With the ads sure to get plenty of more airplay in tomorrow night's Florida/UCLA championship game I'd be surprised if something doesn't turn up soon. Until then if you're thinking that the greater point of this post was to draw more traffic this way and potentially further frustrate those in search of Perspiration Girl, you are quite astute. By the way - I'm a Gillette man.

A breakthrough, and 3 out of 4 candidates recommend transparency

The recent frenzy over fundraising estimates in Florida's governor race has been more than enough to put me off the thing for a while. There's no naivete here about the importance of said figures - or more importantly the announcement of said figures - but the reality of that importance has left me cold.

What a thaw it was then, receiving my first ever e-mail update from the Tom Gallagher campaign. That's about four months since I first signed up at the campaign site. Of course the very first sentence of the e-mail referred to the fundraising numbers (more specifically that the numbers were still being tabulated - as of post time Gallagher is the only candidate yet to announce a number), but that just wasn't enough to assuage my excitement.

Congratulations are in order for the Gallagher campaign on their staff hiring practices - other campaigns can tout diversity all they want, but only this campaign can claim a staffer whose name is Latina - Kim Latina the office manager, specifically.

Marginally reenergized about the campaign I started to poke around each campaign's site. Amidst all the fundraising folderol I noticed both Charlie Crist and Gallagher prominently displaying their income tax returns on their respective homepages. Jim Davis' campaign announced his tax returns in a press release today. That leaves Rod Smith now not only blogless but also a bit opaque. Maybe that's what she's waiting for.