Metal rules

During the arduous process of thinking up a name for this site I briefly considered enclosing the eventual name in parentheses, an homage if you will - but I wouldn't - to my no doubt annoying reliance on that particular punctuation. The decision to ditch that idea has now proven fortunate in a few ways, most recently upon my discovery of this:

(in theory) - the heavy metal band. Please note the URL - no doubt they felt the same frustration as I upon realizing CCU (whoever they are) got to first.

Yes indeed - those parentheses are every bit as annoying as I thought they'd be. By the way, apparently it's (it) to their fans.

I call them a heavy metal band because it's in the URL, though one listen to their selections available on myspace prove them to be more Alkaline Trio and less Cannibal Corpse. Nevertheless the song titles on their album I Witnessed the World End Through My Rear View Mirror, along with the occasional guttural yelp, do betray their metal pretensions: "The Glorification of Failure," "How to Hold Your Head up After Being Shot in the Face," and my personal favorite, "Pee Wee Herman Speaks German." Maybe that last one isn't very metal.

And if the music isn't metal enough for you, no doubt the parentheses are equally blah. All rounded edges, they're just not dangerous enough. Now a bracket - that could definitely impale something.

Though they don't follow through as well with the punctuation in the text of the site, these Irish metal boys are definitely more in your face. I know that because they say so - it's "in your face rock."

Actually I listened to their EP Bloodloss on their myspace page - they actually might rock less than their parenthetical counterparts, though they claim to "conjure up sounds of Metallica [and] Iron Maiden" Their bio page also describes the band as "trailblazers," "awe-inspiring," and "ever efficient."

So now I'm left with the inevitable question: lacking obscure punctuation and a myspace page, how can I best allude to my own heavy metal roots without actually having any? Keeping in mind that my unruly curly hair will more likely grow large than long, I welcome any suggestions.

Personality test for real humans and De Stijl enthusiasts

Lo and behold an online personality that isn't completely worthless - PersonalDNA (found courtesy of Population Statistic). Most intriguing to me is that a test finally acknowledges the gray murkiness of most questions regarding personality. Rather than giving yes/no questions or multiple choice that rarely provides the best choice, most of the test involves sliders that allow you to quantify your answers. Since most people probably don't plan things last minute or plan carefully everytime, the test gives you a chance to give the correct weight to a choice. Perhaps this in itself says something about my personality, but I very rarely placed my slider more than halfway to one side.

As for the test results, I'd say "reserved director" sounds pretty close for me. The results are pretty in-depth, providing detailed summaries of specific personality points. Sometimes the details feel a little like admonitions.

At times other people's feelings are puzzling to you, and you wish that people were more rational. You find it difficult to understand why some people get so emotional and tell everyone else their problems.

What's it to you?

Bonus - you get a groovy graphical representation of your personality, like a Mondrian freed of the burden of primary colors.

FSCC-NF, end of an era

Last night brought a momentous occasion to my medicine cabinet - I was forced to use the last of my Publix brand Maximum Strength Flu, Severe Cold & Congestion Nighttime Formula, i.e. their Thera-Flu knockoff. I have previously expressed my dissatisfaction with taste and effectiveness of that product, but I am happy to report that it the stuff managed to bring some much-needed sleep. Granted my head still feels five pounds heavier from mucus, but I never expect my over-the-counters to provide a cure - just relief.

Does that mean I'm planning on buying the generic brand again just to save a few cents? As sure as I'll soon be coughing up something quite unpleasant, I think I'll spring for the good stuff.