Shooting the messenger

So what passes for overhaul in the current White House is a new press secretary - Scott McClellan is out. Considering McClellan's omnipresence as the butt of jokes on The Daily Show and other late-night shows, I'd imagine the White House is hoping to hire someone as dissimilar as possible. My guess is a giraffe.

Exactly how a new press secretary will help this administration is beyond me. The fact is that a toddler cancer patient would probably fail equally to deflect the criticism being lobbed at Bush and Co. That's why the news that Karl Rove would be stepping aside from his policy-making role was greeted with a greater tizzy.

But does anyone really think this matters either? I'm going to guess that Rove is still going to be on Bush's speed dial. And it's not as if Rove is stepping away from his masterminding - the AP story says his reduction in responsibilities will help him to concentrate on "politics, fundraising and big-picture thinking." Don't think that any of that isn't tied directly to this White House.

Seriously though - what's the deal with McClellan having no neck?

Paris Hilton gets around

Though I rarely need additional reasons for not joining the cellular world, this nugget is far too priceless to simply ignore. Mobile phone game producer Gameloft has signed a licensing deal with Paris Hilton, allowing them to create games using Ms. Hilton's likeness.

Paris' past history with mobile phones does not bode well for a game reportedly being developed for teenagers. But then again cellphones and sex (that's an album name waiting to happen) have been headed towards awkward synergy for some time now. Not that Paris Hilton should be reminding anyone of sex.

The Guardian writer is also understandably creeped out by another sign of Paris' whoring:

Paris herself had this to say: "I'm excited to collaborate with Gameloft to bring the Paris Hilton brand and the glamour of young Hollywood to the cell phones of all my fans around the world."

Paris Hilton is not a person - she's a brand (born of another brand of course).

Did you ever get the feeling that pop culture just zoomed right past you, stopping only briefly to goose you?